I get it. I really do. When he comes up to you and asks you for a dollar, you aren't 100% that he's going to spend it on booze or weed.

Let me clarify for you. HE IS ONLY SPENDING IT ON BOOZE AND WEED. This man actually had housing and treatment services. He fucked it up. He's one of the cases where our extensive services can't help him because he chooses to be where he is.

It's not so bad pissing away money on a drunken stupor. I mean, if I had a TBI and nothing to live for, I probably would too. But here's the problem. When this dude is sober, he's a perfectly reasonable person. When he's drunk? He's a fucking asshole. He has alienated almost every single person who lives or works in NW Portland. He's stolen, screamed at people, pissed/shat on property, broken into cars (allegedly) and frightened young women with his... advances. This guy is bad fucking news. So the next time a dude walks up to you and says "I need a dollar," or "got anything," keep on walking and deposit it in the next hand or bucket. This jackass deserves nothing from you but there are plenty that do.

Help us out, will ya?