Tying your poor dog to a bike rack while you go shopping was popular in Eugene in 1997. I assumed this habit was dead.

Nope! There are currently four separate dogs tied up to the front of a popular Portland grocery store. Four separate dog owners. Each one of them is howling and barking in distress non-stop. This happens at least a few times every day. Our office and home are across the street, so it's pretty much a constant symphony of barking.

Dog owners, aside from the fact that it annoys all the neighbors (I know no one cares about that part, so no use focusing on it), you do know that your dog HATES it, right? OK you're like totes into dogs and love them so much and stuff, but it turns out dogs don't actually LIKE being tied up in front of a store for 30+ minutes. (See howling in distress the whole time).

Next time you go grocery shopping, consider not bringing the dog, because she'd be happier running around the yard at home.

PS, Dogs also don't like pulling people around on skateboards.