I'm too tired to put something genuine out there, so, i will just ask ~ Why has it suddenly become hip to hate Jews?
i don't mean defending the Palestinian people.
I mean, since when has the "Left" embraced anti-semitism.?
i know, none of you like to hear that. It rankles your PC bones. But, take a look at what the world is saying, again.
As it always has. The Jews = bad.
Do you folks really not know the history of this people? i am just blown away at the twitter ignorance that is justified to hate the Jewish people. Apartheid? Fucking really? Since when does a people who have been ethnically cleansed from their own land, returning to that land, and displacing one of the many people that tried to wipe them out, constitute "apartheid"?
Why the fuck has ant-semitism become a leftist, hipster cry? It's embarrassing.