Dear Muscle Dude that almost got himself ran over by a Prius at NE 20th & Sandy on July 4th: You, sir, are a raging asshole and a fucking idiot. You stepped into a crosswalk right in front of oncoming traffic like a dumbass. When the Prius speeding toward you slammed on their brakes and honked to avoid breaking your beef stick legs, you stopped, indignant, yelling and gesturing madly at the crosswalk you were stupidly standing in, as if you had the right of way. But you didn't you entitled douche: "If the pedestrian is facing a red light, they do not have any right of way." And: "If the pedestrian is facing a sign that says Don’t Walk or Wait, they do not have the right of way." (Both from an Oregon traffic law website). Remember that the next time you step into oncoming traffic you stupid leotard.