I agree with the author of the Illegal fireworks rant. I went to a park last night during a bike ride and there were people there giving a show: a big fireworks show. Just regular people who had commandeered the baseball field and were shooting off illegal fireworks. The crowd loved it, and I can't say that it wasn't pretty. But, with all these billboards I've been seeing and radio ads, interviews with various fire people… I thought it was really weird that they were just shooting off these types of fireworks out in public. I even saw a cop drive by the park who just kept on going. On my ride around my neighborhood, I would say that about 70% of the fireworks being used were illegal. This is when I realized that the city doesn't really care about illegal fireworks, it's just a big show, all this "prevention" stuff. When I got home, I also called the non-emergency number (on the neighbor behind me who shoots off illegal 'works every year and caught my trash can on fire last year) and got a very grumpy and mono-toned woman who said they'd send someone out "as soon as they could." My friends and I hung out in my yard for 3 more hours (to make sure there were no fires on my property this year) and never saw the police arrive. Well, at least I hope all the noise scared off the feral cats on my block who always shit in my garden. "Illegal" fireworks: yeah right.