Twice this week I've seen skateboarders taking up an entire lane. The first such incident occurred on Tuesday when some dude was just skating along going north on Albina. I waited and waited, but nope, he didn't move over, didn't speed up, just continued to coast at a cool 5mph and every now and again give himself a push. The next such incident occurred earlier today, with my freedom of movement being deterred by two people riding skateboards in the middle of the lane. They were just chatting it up, oblivious to the line of cars growing behind them. The one closest to the center lane finally gave a half-assed glance behind her and "kind of" moved over. Now I'm no legal expert, but it seems very unlikely that this is within the law... right? Do skateboarders have the right to take up an entire lane? If so, I'm fucking moving out of this city, I just can't take it anymore!