We just moved here from a place I shall keep confidential. Our kind isn't always welcome here in Portland, and you natives make no effort to hide your contempt. But I digress. When moving here, the FIRST thing I noticed were the strip clubs, gentlemen's clubs, and "lounges" touting "Live nudes". Whatever you call them they bring this town up several notches on the "ew" factor. Im no prude, and I come from one of the most liberal states (and areas of that state) in the world, but really Portland? REALLY?! I live on skid row as it is, but is it really necessary to have boarded up houses with "Hot young honey pies" literally spray painted on plywood? Its the most disgusting and disturbing part of Portland. I have sons that have to grow up here, and I have an 8 year old who reads these signs daily! There are SEVEN strip clubs on our main street as it is. SEVEN?! I just don't see how or why this is allowed to happen. There is no way Portland can rise above some of the grimy conceptions outsiders have if you don't clean up this part of your city. It makes me want to run for my sweet state where we do what you're supposed to do...keep all the "gentlemen's" clubs on one street called Broadway. End Rant.