I really hate the way some of you stand away from crowded areas so as not to disturb non-smokers. I hate it so much that walk directly in your path and wave my arms around like an Evangelist on Sunday to disburse the very smoke I'm so averse to. I also like to invade your space and tell you how much your smoke is annoying me and how you're responsible if I get cancer.

That was a window into the psyche of all those uptight people who throw a shit-fit anytime they encounter cigarette smoke.

To those people, I say... Open your fucking eyes and don't walk near smokers. I'm gonna go out on a limb and say that odds are pretty good that you won't enjoy the smell, especially if you're a non-smoker.

Doing that is akin to being a non-drinker and walking into a bar and harrassing drunk people for behavior you deem unfit. It would be like going to see a band that you know you hate and complaining loudly that the music sucks. People would hate you for that type of behavior, and possibly beat your ass.

Thanks to you, I now fantasize about breaking your fucking knee caps, putting my knee in your chest while you're on the ground, and then shotgunning my second hand smoke into your lungs CPR-style.