I wish I had been there last Saturday afternoon when you, a 20-something year old man wearing a mesh shirt and a Speedo, walked up to my 14 year old daughter and called her a "whore".

It was 95 degrees out, so she was wearing a pair of pretty short (as in she has grown a few inches since last summer, not booty) shorts and a tank top. Walking to the pet store around the corner from our home to get a mouse for her pet snake.

Not that it MATTERS what she was wearing, you infected dick-drip; you are not entitled to threaten or abuse girls on the street just because she's within ear-shot.

It sort of matters what YOU were wearing; a mesh shirt (seriously?) and a fucking SPEEDO...a banana hammock..and SHE'S the "whore"?

You're a grown man with his junk on display in public approaching and verbally assaulting a 14 year old girl on the street. Your mother must be SO proud.

My daughter told me all about it...she wasn't angry or scared, just puzzled and mildly amused by your hypocrisy. I wasn't amused. I wish I had been there so I could have slapped the fuck out of you (and if she ever sees you again when I'm with her...)