what seemed like a no brainer idea has now morphed into a please shoot me scenario.
Here are the questions that haunt me every m-f as i see,smell, HEAR and sit with you 3 clods:
i sold my car for this? Didn't it occur to me i might WANT my car to drive to work at least occasionally?
Does 70$ monthly stipend from my employer account for the awful aftershave this lady wears?
The pinstrip wearing turd who always has to sit shotgun with his buddy and talk shop to the exclusion of everyone else- what if i set his gelled up hair on fire as an out of season april fools day prank? Would i get canned?
Can i ask the shithead not to honk every time he pulls up? Sure he's just tapping his horn to say hi. Every goddamned day.
Do they know i hate them? Yeah probably but do they know how MUCH?