Are you enjoying what might be the last vestiges of Portland affordability in your rented house, apartment, or room? We all know the Portland rental market is competitive and becoming less and less affordable. Most of you are probably aware of Airbnb, the online "sharing" marketplace where people rent rooms, apartments, and even entire homes to visitors. Well guess what this does, my close-in Portlandian renter? It makes the rental market even tighter and more expensive. Charlie Hales is completely in bed with this San Francisco-based company. They're even setting up shop in Portland with a call center. They recently made it legal to rent rooms, and they want to make it legal to rent entire homes, apartments, and condos next. Do you want your rent to remain affordable? Do you want rentals to even be AVAILABLE? Then you'd better pay close attention and be ready to start taking action on this issue! Don't be surprised if you get evicted so your landlord can turn your space into a vacation rental! If you aren't already aware, the tech industry and vacation rental market has all but destroyed any remaining affordability in San Francisco in a flurry of hyper-gentrification. Charlie Hales, the city government, and the Portland Development Commission are complicit in all of this. These are your elected officials. Put the bong down for a second and get ready to act, or start getting ready to say goodbye to Portland and move elsewhere!