I'm standing in line waiting for food at the market. Someone hits my backpack, then I hear "excuse me." I turn to look at a person pushing a cart, and I say, "all you have to do is say excuse me, and I'll move." This person goes away, and I get my food.

But I start thinking, "who the fuck does that?" Hits you first then says excuse me.
That's like knowing your penis is going to enter a vagina, then oh golly yes, the penis does enter the vagina, then saying it was an accident.
Or it's even more like trying to stick your foot in a vagina, and knowing it won't fit, but still trying to stick your foot in a vagina. In my case, it doesn't feel as good, not talking about the foot part here.

I go and find this person because I want to believe we can all help each other learn so that we don't keep de-evolving like we truly are.

I say, "let me educate you," when I find this person. I know people love to be told this. I say, "usually you say excuse me before you hit somebody." Dingleberry says, "I didn't see anything," barely looking at me, more concerned with the fucking lettuce.

I walked away thinking, "when you hit someone, say sorry." But it was pointless in returning to say this.

Learn it, "sorry, excuse me, thank you." It doesn't hurt no one.