Let's pretend that my rent doesn't devour all of my fun money and I can actually shop for art on NW 9th, where a row of galleries shamelessly proffer pieces that—beyond concept—are priced to move. Rich doctors come here, one imagines, with a checkbook and a dilemma: Which piece will enervate the zombies in the waiting room? Pop up the poopdeck? Sexify the divan? This is a renovated junk sale to you and me with nothing burning a hole in our pocket

Let's just go down the row. Here's a helluva whimsical weather vane made from rescued teletubbies. It features carved, whitewashed wooden figures of cooks, a cow and a pig, bunnies and carrots. 840$
Next up are dorsal fins made of encrusted picture tubes. Zenith never goes out of style. 9300$
Ignore the 700$ vases of gluey glittered obsidian and head for the pounded porcelain funhouse mirrors. Only 1500$?