As a fundamentalist Obama-backing Southern Baptist in Tennessee (I'm sure I've stereotyped myself now)And I'm also wary of those who allign themselves with the emergent church, but how quick are we to label people so we can decide whether we can disregard their ideas. As a baptist pastor's son, I've seen many of the "sacred cows made stumbling block" issues firsthand in different churches growing up. God is not a Republican and we, the church of Jesus, haven't done a very good job of representing Him to our world because we've become too caught up in the "American Dream" and truly following Jesus is costly. But I guess I just want to know if the leaders of the emergent church really do hold to the same "christian gospel" as Shoes said. While Nugent takes issue with Ventura's policies and church policies, I think he would still agree that the lives of unborn children and the definition of family are pivotal issues in our nation. He may not want to address these issues because they divide, but Jesus said "I didn't come to bring peace on earth, but division". Standing for absolute truth is always going to make me look like a donkey rectum in the eyes of those who disagree - no matter how much love and humility I embody... Schwarzenego addresses the basic problem of humankind as the disease known as sin - that we're born with it and that it infects us with unhealthy desires that lead to death. He says that Jesus is the only way to God and that He's the complete answer.