I hate your 20-year-old worthless stripper girlfriend. I hate the way she took over the spare bedroom and painted it all stupid (without asking). I hate the way her dog and "other neglected pets" live here now. I hate the way she can't attempt communications at anything less than a hundred decibels. I hate the way you pretend she doesn't live here and that's why she shouldn't have to pay any rent/bills. I hate the way she comes home every night at 4am, passes out and pisses on my couch. I hate the way she smokes in the house and fucking lies about it. I hate that she broke the washing machine I just bought the first time she tried to use it. I hate the way you let her borrow my car without asking and she crashed it into a parked car while texting.

I hate the fact that I love my brother so much that I would put up with such bullshit.