Last evening's bus trip made my clitoris thump! I saw you again Mr. Tall, Goth & Handsome. The last time I saw you strut onto the bus was over a few months ago, I don't usually ride that bus route in that frame of time very often. But now I sort of ride it regularly to supplement riding my bike. I didn't see you, so I thought you might be a tourist or just visiting.
As you walked past me to sit in the rear of the bus, I was randomly talking to this toy who was tagging on a piece of cardboard with a paint pen. Prior to Mr.Stud boarding, I was reminding him (he probably didn't want to hear it) not to tag the bus or any other pubic property with his toy tags. The only reason I started projecting myself to him was I thought I recognized him from my youth skateboarding days. I recently just finished community service for my arrest back in May for painting "No Parking" in front of a fire hydrant. [Very dumb on my part but those vehicles were clogging up this side street& vehicles were whipping around running right into me ] If I could save a toy an arrest from prick pigs, rad!
I see Mr. Stud approaching, I'm in the middle of my rant I think to myself should I shut up? nope I finish my bit&as he pasts by me I said the word "prison" then I quickly correct myself&say "jail". I'm such a harlequin! At lease the last two times I have seen you I was wearing somewhat rad clothes&boots. If I see you again would you like to go for a bike ride or maybe I'll ride you in my rear!?