I try to go to church because it calms me down to be in a large room of people who aren't talking. You may not be praying exactly but you are being quiet and not just because you are not tapping on your iphones (most of you). That sound of silence is hard to find any more and yeah it kinda re-charges the peace to my soul.

So why this morning in the cathedral did i have to hear you clearing your throat like a damn harley way past the time you shoulda took it out the door and get some water or something?

And oh yeah YOU jerkoff- the one who cant read the pledge thing in synch with the rest of us? This is jarring mfer! it sounds like a really bad echo. Its distracting at 8 AM in the damn morning. Try to keep up or dont be so loud k? If its because you are deaf well you know you are deaf so dont disrupt the proceedings.

One more thing- the collections racket. I know its a neccesary evil because hey Church's have to make money too but can we get mr buzzcut jarhead off the assembly line? I saw him ragging on some kid for going too fast with the hatstick and missing some of the paying customers. What a jerk. Evidently he thinks he can do better but what he doesnt realize is people would rather give money to a kid then some dickhead.