I hung out on Mississippi last night, which is a rarity nowadays…I avoid that area like the plague. I had a few drinks and dinner with a friend and during my 2 hour excursion to this popular neighborhood, I saw 3 tour buses drive down the street. There were also so many fucking annoying dogs and their owners (at every bar, patio and restaurant we went to), "bros" with their girlfriends apparently coming from Beaverton for a "night on the town," yuppies, women wearing over-sized sunglasses walking with fancy shopping bags whilst on their cell phone, middle-aged men in polos and cargo shorts, middle-aged women wearing clothes that were WAY too tight and parents with their daughters as she shows them how "cool" and "weird" Portland is. I get all of this stuff, because you pretty much see it everywhere in Portland now, but TOUR BUSES? What the fuck!? And yeah, I know, I know: gentrification is a good thing and nobody was doing anything with that neighborhood before all the white people with their money moved in and pushed all the poor black people out to set up fancy and overpriced shops/restaurants/patios/bars and apartments and point around saying, "See? See? See how much better this neighborhood is?" I get all of that. I'm just saying: TOUR BUSES!?