Never realized they had this blog or would have posted it when it happened:

about 7 months ago the owner of the **** bar came out (after an employee snitched?) and told me i was not allowed to stand on his sidewalk. i was just waiting for someone for five mintues and eventually he pointed out a sign that i did not see saying pedestrians must keep moving. Notice he first told me what to do (in a very rude fashion by the way) before pointing out the sign. FYI jerk; it's your right to point out the sign and say you'll call the police. It is NOT your right to tell people what to do.

His initial approach was so rude and uncalled for I gave him attitude and he quickly made a comment about how he could send me to jail cuz his dick is bigger than mine. I asked if it was his money that made him think that to which he replied "yes". You and your employee who did not have the spine to approach me like a man are cowardly indecent little p***.