First of all, let me commend you on your sweet spandex bike suit. I didn't realise USPS was sponsoring middle aged men who wish they were professional bicyclist these days. Props. I am glad you found it necessary to impart your infinite wisdom upon me while I was waiting at the stop sign in Ladd's Addition after I passed you riding your bike in the middle of the road. Both pieces of garbage that spewed out of your mouth were incorrect. No the speed limit down Ladd Ave. is not 20 mph, it is 25 mph like I told you (which just so happens to be the speed I was going.) And no, I did not run over any bicyclist, as you so put it, while I was passing your inconsiderate self righteous ass. Also, when I said "why don't you mind your own fucking business" and drove off, that was not an invitation for you to try to follow me and make a poor attempt at flagging down a cop so you could...look like an ass? So in case you just so happen to read this, please make sure you have your facts straight before coming up to a random person's car window and reassuring them that most bicyclist wearing full spandex suites are pompous assholes. Sincerely, the guy who is clearly more observant than you are.