I fucking hate Vermont so god damn much. My internet is completely shit. Tehy have DSL fucking hooked up and ready to go, but its not for fucking sale. WHY THE FUCK NOT!? Its right tehre, all hooked up and ready to go, why the fuck aren't you selling it to me you fucking assholes.

I also hate people who don't take risks with new, unique games. You keep saying you want a "new" and "origional" experience, yet when one comes out you say "its just not for me, I heard its flawed." Fucking grow a pair, buy it to support origional ideas, and take a fucking risk.

If your not willing to risk $60-$100 on a game, then why the fuck should companies risk millions of dollars on games no one will fucking buy because they're scared the origional game they asked for will suck.

You need to support origional and unique games, even though you may not like them. If you don't support them we will see less and less, and it will be your fucking fault.