'm just wondering if it's possible for any of us to drop the talking points & buzzwords. i have noticed that a few, a very few, people come on here, & elsewhere, to actually discuss what is happening. However, the majority seem to be repeating catchphrases. And that really scares me. That tells me that not only can i not trust the media to be unbiased, but, i can't even trust the people to not be sheep. Read through the comments on any site ~ the same words; genocide, terrorist, etc. Does anyone even understand what these words mean? These are not meaningless words & they are shaping the dialogue that we are having. As well as the black & white opinions that everyone seems to feel entitled to.
What has happened to nuance & complexity? To the reality that we are dealing with, & in, human beings? It seems that we have all lost a measure of our humanity in this war. i, for one, don't think that i have an answer.All that i can say is that i wish that all of us would ...Shut the Fuck Up for one moment & really listen.