I was always raised to offer your seat to a person more in need of said seat. The satisfaction one receives after providing their bus seat to an elderly woman is worth having to stand for twenty blocks. Yet, society now deems in appropriate to remain seated, staring slack-jawed at a mother/father with a child, while they fumble to maneuver past all the yuppies, hipsters, dope and smack-heads, and general rejects of the world. What makes this daily, probably hourly, event even better, is the blatant ignorance of the Trimet drivers, and their inability to reprimand these mouth-breathers. Please, for the love of God! When that person with more of a need for that seat than your lazy, smartphone-staring, tweaked-out ass, you better show some fucking chivalry, compassion, and out-right manners, and move your sorry asses!!