When I lost my job I was sad for one reason, I had good health insurance. Going to my husband's meant I was going to have to go to you, Wilhelm. And I fucking hate you.

I have some prescriptions for my mental health issues. You know, the thing that gets in the news and everyone wrings their hands about what they could have done and then the healthcare industry is like 'ohhhhh we want to take care of youuu.' And all I wanted to do was refill my fucking script. That's it.

But your upgrade made it impossible and your staff refused to take any responsibility. To top it off my PCP decided that they weren't going to prescribe it anymore and I had to use my specialist WHO YOU WON'T FUCKING COVER EVEN THOUGH HE ACCEPTS YOUR INSURANCE.

Your customer service people are mostly beyond stupid and it was impossible for me to get anywhere with them.

So I call to try and get an appt with your MH people and guess what? You're making me wait 2 days for an "intake." All I fucking want is for you assholes to prescribe my incredibly common medication and leave me the fuck alone. The less I have to do with you, the more mentally healthy I am. But really, you don't give a shit do you? Putting up all these barriers to people getting care is how you make money. People give up trying to get treated. So those of us trying to take care of ourselves get fucked by you, your incompetent IT, your asshole pharmacists and idiot customer service people.