Scenario: I'm on tri-met at the back of the bus in one corner. So is another guy.
Enter Mr. Nice Guy. He sits in the middle at the back of the bus.
The bus starts to get crowded. Mr. Nice Guy decides to move to the in-between seat to be fucking nice. He elbows me at first.
Then enter Mr. Huge Man. He cannot sit on the middle seat because he is too huge so he sits on the 2 other seats, where there is a void, and there are 2 ribs in between the 2 seats which cannot be comfortable for him unless he likes that kind of thing.
For the next 20 minutes, Mr. Nice Guy is playing elbow and arm with me, and he's only gently touching my arm, but that's what bugs me.
Then the bus starts to clear, and opens up an empty seat. Mr. Nice Guy goes to sit there.
If you wanted to sit alone in the first place why did you move close to me, making me uncomfortable, and in turn making Huge Man uncomfortable too.
The point is CHIVALRY is dead. Don't be fucking nice.