He meets women all the time and he's a bastard and an asshole, but they just don't seem to mind. He brings them home, I hear them fucking and he rarely calls them again. He's met them online, in bars and on the street and here I sit alone on another Friday night. The thing is, I'm a way nicer guy then him and I'm not bad looking either. I just don't have what it takes to be an asshole to women, I guess. Do women really like that? Sure I've heard the stereotypes and I didn't think they were true, but here's my roommate just burning through women like he's Brad Pitt or something (he's no Brad Pitt). It really just seems to be based on the fact that he's an asshole because I really can't figure it out. I've tried the online thing and no second dates. I've approached women in public and rarely is there a taker. So it's either be a fucking immature asshole and meet women, or be a "nice" guy and lose. I know this is a tired old rant, but experiencing it first hand and being on the losing end really sucks. Fuck it.