I've got no problem looking after your animals when you go on your trips or little mini vacations. Why? Because I love your animals, but you have to be the cheapest person and no to mention the most annoying. Annoying how? In addition to looking after your animals, I do have a life that I am living every day and I'm not at your beck and call. I'm not obligated to answer my phone every time you call because I could be doing a plethora of things that don't involve you while you are on your vacations. I also have my own career that doesn't involve picking up dog shit for you because you've burned bridges with your friends for your demanding annoyances and how shitty you treat people and not answering the phone. Might I be driving? Could I be taking a shower? Face it, you need me because it seems I am the only person who is willing to put up with your bullshit, and not because I like you as a person, but I love your animals. Snap out of it and get a life. You are a grown adult, start acting like one.