Who wouldn’t rather take the train and save an hour, sitting, sipping, reading, enjoying any view at a sensible speed? Rail line “expands” in heat and will especially in the California Valley miles. Increased situations where speed is inherently limited. Therefore, plan for the bit slower Talgo Locomotive for that reason and other reasons to mention as if their mention guarantees their honest understanding. Yeah right. The somewhat heavier Talgo locomotive at the slower speed is more apt to remain on curves. The faster lighter all-electric Bombardier cabs and coaches are more apt to leave the tracks. Also: We'll all be soon instructing our cars, to warm up and take us somewhere less pretentious possibly somewhere else nearby or not. Why I keep my focus on substantial investments I cannot explain. Do readers a favor. Don't print shit you do not fucking understand. Is that too fucking much too ask?
PS: Why do zombies eat brains?
Zombie railway guy.