Dear concert attendees in the center section behind row Y. I was the idiot standing up when no one else was. I really wanted to dance and there was no place for me to do that at the Schnitz. I tried to have a dance party in the back but they told me to go back to my seat. I was acting like a child and was angry at the venue and all of you had to suffer when I refused to sit down. Maybe if you would have been nicer to me at first I totally would have, but insulting me made me even more stubborn. I got over it finally, but I might have ruined some of your times and for that I apologize. It is hard for me to follow the pack in circumstances such as these. I will not attend dance music-type shows at that venue again. Ever.
I hope you don't punch me in the face next time you see me. I will try not to punch the asshole who insulted my ass the next time I see him although his face is seared in my memory.
-Bad Concert Attender