You were riding across the Hawthorne Bridge around 9am this morning. You wanted to get out of the bike lane and into the left lane, so you could turn, but traffic was heavy.

I know this because I also wanted into the left lane, and I was looking back at traffic looking for an opening—then I suddenly had squeeze my brakes because your fucking moronic ass STOPPED mid-curve of the off ramp. STOPPED IN THE MIDDLE OF THE BIKE LANE IN HEAVY MORNING TRAFFIC AND I ALMOST SLAMMED INTO YOU AND PERSON YOU'D ALREADY MADE STOP BEHIND YOU.

There is a curb to one side, and two-ton machines speeding to the other side. And there you are, casually signalling for other riders to go around you, LIKE IT AINT NO THANG. Except we almost all crashed into a hot mess of bike and people and quite possible truck tires, you stupid waving fuckface.
Yes, I'm the asshole that yelled, "WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING!!" as you just waved at us to go around, nothing to see here...

How'd you like your fucking head crushed like a horse tick under a truck tire? Wouldn't like it?
Me either, you fucking smug simpleton.

Hey, self-entitled shithead that thinks they can stop traffic for their own route preferences, if you're not secure enough to cut across with the flow of traffic, cross at the goddamned crosswalk.

Then go fuck yourself with a baton rolled in hot tar and glass.