I listened to you and him as you bemoaned your neighborhood's crime. I know exactly where you're talking about because it's been that way for at least 20 years. I'm sorry your realtor didn't mention it was a fucking shit hole when they sold you your condos for half a million dollars. I'm also sorry you're not from here you so didn't know. (Psst, check out the neighborhood you buy in first, Californians, your realtor doesn't give a shit about the drunk that's pissing on your door after that check clears...)

So you come to us and complain about people sleeping on other people's porches. Not yours, other people's. When I bring up that maybe we shouldn't criminalize homelessness and focus on the honest to god real crime, you say "that isn't my problem." But actually honey, it is.

That's why you came to us.

I understand hating the needles, the street harassment, the crime. But to get on a church for letting street kids sleep on benches, or to get upset because you can't go to a park because the "wrong kind of people" are there, I can't understand that. And if you have a problem with those things you can go fuck yourself right back to where you come from. I'd rather have street kids around than assholes like you any day. Needles, 40s, dogs and all. At least they don't tend to be fucking bigots.