Repetitive tardiness. Like you are so important that you can’t make it somewhere on time? Unless you were saving a child from a burning building (and I know fireman that I will ask to confirm your story) your ass better be on time.
People who make promises and don’t follow through. You know who you are. Most of my friends know who you are too, just FYI.
People who talk about their ex. There is a reason they are in the past. Leave them there.
People who talk about themselves incessantly. I think I broke the world record on saying “Really? That’s fascinating” the most times in one two hour period. I am waiting for Guinness to confirm that.
People who take over the conversation. I went on a date with a guy who would ask me a question, then start rambling. I never got a chance to answer a single question. By the end of the night he knew nothing more about me than my name, and I’m not certain I even gave him the right name.
People who string you along while they try to figure out what they want.
People who don’t say what they mean or mean what they say. We are all adults here. Can’t we just be honest?!
People who are rude to servers when you are dining out. If they don’t spit in your drink, I will.
People who are on their cell phone the entire date. Unless you are a freakin’ surgeon and your ass is on call at the hospital, put the phone down STAT!
Cubs fans. They are just always so depressed. And rightfully so.