I'm walking back home from the St Johns Library...happy, healthy, holy. Minding my own business, toting my books, thinking of cloud formations. When two guys, one white, one black, pass me on the sidewalk. The black guy mumbles something and I just keep walking. Hey, I'm a gramma, toting books and watching the clouds. Suddenly he yells, "YOU ARE A RACIST!" I say, "What?!?!?!" Shocked. I was in my own world. I said, "Say that again!" He says, "You didn't greet me back. You are are racist!!" I say, "I didn't even hear you! What did you say!" He yells at me, "BIGOT!!!!!". So, if I don't greet you and cater to your arrogance, that makes me a racist? If I don't hear you, because I'm minding my own business, that makes me a bigot? Just saying: "Go fuck youself." — Happy Gramma