It's ridiculous how one sided reports about o'bryant are; have you ever interviewed the volunteers who come down here every week? did this reporter even question the validity of his claim that it is a 'dangerous' place to be? and how is it 'intelligent programming' to waste tax dollars on constant surveillance and ousting people with no place to go instead of asking why portland is the only city in the northwest without alternatives. sounds like that 'intelligent programming' is training kids to see criminals instead of human beings.

What I've learned from homeless people is people are products of their environment and homeless tend to know how to live with each other instead of next to each other and they know how to share with each other and see each other as neighbors instead of competitors. but this is a side you'd only see if you rolled your sleeves up and did some REAL investigative journalism and approach people with a genuine interest in getting to know them and why they are where they are and what CAUSES it.

That's the problem your not initerested in the cause only the effect. Then you promote self interested businesses to control public parks? there is nothing intelligent about your programming.