She's maybe 15 or 16 years old. I see her often. She lives near me, takes the bus down the street about 15 blocks. She is punk, goth, or emo, I don't know. One of you must know the difference to categorize by looks, but as she said to me, "you think I give a fuck?"
She was stuffing something in the tree as I was walking up to wait at the bus stop.
I was thinking, "I know this girl, nice legs." That's all I was thinking.
She discarded an empty cup on the grass. I said, "aw don't litter, there's a garbage can on the bus."
She didn't say anything, then she spit on the ground. I said something I don't remember.
Then she said, "You think I give a fuck?" and walked off.
I said, "hey you're future's so bright."

What's with all the angst little girl? You're not punk rock or whatever the fuck you think you are. You are a twig. My 2 fingers could crush you in half. I'm sure you were listening to Avril Lavigne saying, "this chick is so punk rock." I see you catch the bus to the same location which isn't a place of employment or school. It truly doesn't seem like your life is very hard. It doesn't seem like any teens life is hard these days. Barely going to school. Parents that buy whatever these fuck teens want. And it's all garbage. I mean someone must've paid for your stupid bleach unicorn hairdo. Where did that tongue-ring come from? Who paid for your ipod?
It's okay, I predict you will be pregnant soon.
I thought you were cute too.