Why are you so f*cking basic?

We run a program together, that I began and spearhead. It started with you contradict me. Repeatedly. In meetings, at networking events, with our sponsors.... You even once told me how you wanted to turn this into a job for you, push me out and get new leaders. To my face. Without a HINT of recognition that what you were doing was insulting, rude and unprofessional.

Then I noticed you insult people regularly because 'awkward' (worst f*cking excuse). Followed by people admitting the stay away from our group because of your off-putting demeanor.

And finally, after you admitted to manipulating people into doing things they never agreed to... you did it to me. F*cking BASIC. You told me you manipulate people this way and then do it to me? Are you f*cking kidding me? And when I called you out on it you don't even acknowledge it? As if the words didn't come out of my mouth!?!? You stupid shit! If our group survives it will be because YOU leave.