What Became of Our English language


Forsooth, thou dost speak truly. The young art incapable of proper expression. They hast nay notion of the Queen's English!
Think of it this way: dumbasses make your job more secure.
*Or did these folks even attend? You did not capitalize the first word of a sentence. Also, you used passive voice in your rant. A true grammarian knows to avoid passive voice. FYI.
Palmolita= Troll, Troll (heh)
The english language has been butchered for sure, and the bar keeping getting lowered.

For example, it may've taken 7 or 8 years, but I bet even Rick Klein was able to get his high school diploma.
^ "keeps" duh!!! Oh the irony!!!!
I've a few friends who are teachers... they say it's the ESL requirements mixed with teaching for tests in an environment where more and more pressure is placed on teachers to not disagree with ANYone, ever. But, like, then again, if could totally just be like the way people like speak and stuff and literally like have no actually no impact on there ability to like do a job.
Ah, yes Rick.. it was....... "irony"!
- yet they can't even distinguish between 'then' and 'than'

It should be " yet thay cant distinuish btweeen "ThAn' an' ThEn. Always capitolise, asshole.
^At least we can agree on something assisse.
A preposition, that's how lovers arrange their bodies during foreplay, right?
Pretty sure, "Boregonian" ain't in the Websters there, Mrs. Crabapple.
Return their resumes with corrections marked in red and "resubmit" written on it.

Hope they aren't applying for teaching positions.
The one that always gets to me the most is "I should of..."

But then again, I'm still irritated that "invite" became a noun at some point. I will always use "invitation" as the noun and "invite" as the verb.

It can only get worse, right?
Fewer and fewer jobs; their loss.
I'm guessing your title question is missing its question mark due to space considerations.
Ask rick stevens, while he is between customers at the plaid pantry nearest you....
^ Is someone mad that I carded them when trying to buy 4-Loko? Sorry little fella, I can't sell to minors. Nothing personal.

Just ask a grown up to buy your alcohol next time.
Languages evolve (or devolve) all the time. But I admit it; I'm a snob when it comes to people who don't know the difference between "their", "there" and "they're" or end sentences in prepositions ("Where are you at?" GRRRR!). Screwing up the whole "I vs ME" thing is slightly more forgivable (but come ON; you wouldn't say "do you want to come to the movies with I?" or "Me am going out"...ok, maybe if you're a Rasta man or the Hulk.)

And the thing is, so are a lot of other people (snobs), including some who might be in a position to hire you. Or date you. Or just not assume you're an idiot because you talk or write like one. Fairly or unfairly.

I have insisted my kids learn and use proper English. Speaking some variation on it in certain situations is fine, but they should know how to speak and write it correctly in OTHER situations. It's a skill that goes a long way in life.