Don't Be That Guy


Es Chavez, pendejo.
Bicyclists, ugh whyyy?
If they're riding down 39th they're definitely not a regular cyclist, so probably just being oblivious more than making a statement. Nobody wants to bike in that! 41st/42nd is an actual bike route!
You know what they say...

You hope in one hand and bike around with your mouth open, and then see which one fills up first.
Eventually this will become a PEMCO commercial.
Taking The Lane is for inconsiderate assholes looking to piss people off, nothing more.
There's like a one in five chance that any I,A submitted is this exact complaint
Taking the lane is actually for making left turns.... we gotta turn left sometimes, too.
Lets just classify all militant cyclists and pedestrians as the democrats version of excess gun ownership.
I know these guys. They feel as though they're adventurous, after all they ride their bikes everywhere, right? The reality is that they only know one or two routes and are just unwilling to try anything new.
It sad really because all of those side routes are a Portland that is a hell of a lot more interesting then coasting down Hawthorne while an army of drivers eye murder you all of the way into Downtown Portland. Also, cars come in waves, you can pull over for a second, let people pass and then just continue biking it's not that hard of a thing.