Don't Call Me Angel


If you get this guy fired, you realize he will likely become an Uber driver. The horror.
Don't go there anymore, tell all your friends not to either and then tell the owner the action you are taking. Losing business is never in "style." Yuk.
Make sure you chastise this place on Yelp, too.
Yea report the shit out of that place. On Yelp, to the BBB, on social media, everywhere. Make a day of it. Not only will you feel better by affirming your right to not be groped and objectified, but you will help prevent other women from being victimized. And yes, with all the great restaurants in PDX you should never set foot in there again. The owner deserves to lose his business for backing up that sleazy fuck.
Jesus touched people. Why can't this guy?
This would only be OK if they posted a warning at the door and changed the name of the place to "McFeely's."
insult his mother
He IS an insult to his mother!
Waka waka!
Propositioning people's friends?!?

Oooo somebody jelly.
You'd have a hard time in Texas, DARLIN.

You'd have to define 'grabbing on up someone' further for me to indict the guy.

Making a pass at your friend?


Get over it and laugh it off. The real problems women encounter on a daily basis makes this seem silly.
We've already most of us encountered worse, frankie, we don't need your sneering condescension and if you touch me without my permission I may very well shank you.

Touching women after you've been told to stop is a red flag with trumpets blaring, not a "laugh it off."
FrankieB, the 60's called and they want their overt misogyny back.
Hey, as far as I can tell by what was written, the guy could have touched the girl on her shoulder.

You tell me he patted her ass, and/or was lewd in his come-on, then I'll agree with you and want him stringed up.

I'm not saying that I either call women by such terms of endearment or even touch them, but let's not get all zealous here in hyper-sensitivity.
xauen - I didn't read anywhere that he was told to stop by the girl.
If he was, fair enough.
But I imagine his supervisor must have mentioned even this innocuous behavior was interpreted badly.
"after being told to stop" is in the I,A.
The problem is that he is an employee. He is on the clock and there to work, not harass the patrons (emphases on patrons-they pay the bills).
We've all been to places like this, waiting in a line that is getting longer and longer while the host/hostess is chatting with friends, or waiting at our tables (for water, or food, or the bill) while a raucous conversation is going on in the back room.
The problem is that Portlanders are too nice, too conditioned with these niceties. They're afraid to speak up: Which by the way is the only way you will ever get what you want.
I managed restaurants for 10 years during my 20s and early 30s and I can tell you, there is nothing that got my attention faster than a customer who just got up and walked out.
Don't get me wrong, some of my oldest, dearest friends started off as patrons, but when they were in my restaurant they were customers first.
I can't even imagine one of my employees putting hands on a customers. The potential for a harassment lawsuit...Jesus what an idiot.
you could name the establishment if you feel violated. i wouldn't go there. that person sounds like another shit in a sea of shit. fuck'em. they obviously dont respect their job or you. their employer doesn't respect you or their privilege to have a business in such a nice area. why let their business continue? the other employees can swim their way to the next swamp. they will eventually anyways.