Please don't! You passed me by on the bus as I was waving at you at the stop. Just as I was about to call Trimet, you got caught at an intersection, so I started walking to the bus. Made it. Low and behold, the door opened. This never happens at a busy intersection in the middle of the road. Usually drivers are dicks about this, into safety and all. What was up? I said, "didn't you see me?" You mumbled some poor excuse. the bus was fucking empty. I said, "what's the rush, the bus is empty?" You still couldn't take accountability for passing me by, and especially didn't say sorry. You mumbled some other shit, so I said, I'm putting in a complaint. You taunted by saying, "oh I'm so scared." And more taunts about, Oh, oh, oh, I'm so scared. I guess what complaint did I have, I was on the bus. But I guess point being, you were a jerk, and I said it. You said you were a good Christian man, and I lost it. Your attitude changed suddenly, I wonder why. No longer mocking, but now a benevolent Christian. You said, you'd pray for me as I got off, and I said, please don't. You're a good Christian Man. You don't have to say sorry. You're not accountable for your actions. The world is full of nice, loving people like you. There is no evil, right. Christian people are so blind. So naïve. So held unaccountable. So faithful and trusting that it will all work out. And you believe this. When you're the most judgmental people in the universe. All homeless are bums and thieves, just remember.