TO THE EDITOR: I'm upset and saddened by the use of the phrase "Jew-run liberal media" by Carmelo Martinez in the article, "War Song Roundup" [April 10]. This line of blanket statements and falsities is no different than the views of extremists such as David Duke, the KKK, and other hate-mongers. I don't expect a high quality of journalism from the Mercury, but it has no right to spread stereotypes and lies.

Sam Harwin

The Mercury responds: While Mr. Martinez' remark was made in jest, your letter brings up a serious point. That's why we've decided to replace our wealthy Jew owner with Lars Larson.


HELLO THERE COWBOY: In Russia, we are many pretty and young girls who have no good futures. We have no good work here for us and many mens are only drinking and don't treat us good like man we see in western TV and films. I am looking for a man who works hard and is nice to be with me in all the ways for two people. I am joining this internet club to find a man who wants to meet nice girls and I can be special for him. [] Write me soon.



TO THE MERCURY: I am fucking tired of hearing about this war--from both the media and whiny hippie protesters. In response to the letters posted on April 10 [RE: Protesters blocking traffic], shut the fuck up! You protesters wasted both fuel and money. Do you know cars consume more fuel while idling? What about police overtime? Why would a peace protest decide to ram into a line of police officers, crushing them between banners and police vehicles? For Christ's sake, why did you decide to do this on the Steel Bridge where the MAX runs? The MAX runs on electricity, you morons!



TO THE EDITOR: The models for civil disobedience are Ghandi's salt march and the lunch counter and bus desegregations. They said, "We will sit here because it is our constitutional right. We will not pay the salt tax." In Portland, however, we have people curtailing the public's constitutional right to freedom of movement by blocking the roads and Interstates. They say, "We will hold your constitutional rights hostage until our demands are met," thus moving beyond both protest and civil disobedience into coercion. Unlawfully detaining people who just want to go home to their families is unconstitutional and criminal, point blank.

Rex Rose


TO THE MERCURY: This is in response to "A Time and Place for Gay Sex" [Letters, April 10, in which Michael claims the Mercury shouldn't accept gay bathhouse ads]. We all appreciate your concern but YOU ARE A FUCKING MORON. Yes, HIV/AIDS is the second leading cause of death among young adults (both straight, gay and bi). Before you blame bathhouses, think about Banana Joes, where people are rutting like wild boars but are too drunk to think about protection. Think about frat parties and Rophinol. Think about the sorry state of sex education. Think about the abject poverty that drives young adults to the sex industry. Have you noticed the ads in the back of the Merc? I guess the whole "find sex tonight" thing is okay with you. You want the Merc to protect us? Tell them to stop publishing, period.

Here's some good things about an advertised bathhouse: Safety, less rape, less sexual assault, and an above-ground community you can actually educate. American Puritanism has driven sex into the shadows. That is where disease and violence live. Plus, great things came out of the bathhouses... two words: Bette Midler.

Patrick Alan Coleman


TO THE EDITOR: I'm a middle-aged, conservative guy and recently discovered the Mercury. I used to read the WW in order to take a walk on the wild side of the news but they are so smug and take themselves too seriously (and they are not funny). Then I picked up a Mercury on my morning MAX commute and laughed all the way to work! "One Day at a Time" is always the best and this week's homebuyer's guide [April 10] is a crack-up. So how can I get my hands on a Mercury T-shirt so I can fly my freak flag?


HEY LOU! Unfortunately we've sold out our Mercury Tees--but more are on the way! Look for the ad in upcoming issues. Meanwhile, please enjoy being the recipient of our "Letter of the Week!" You'll receive two tickets to the Laurelhurst Theater as well as the May 3rd Mr. LIF show at B Complex (where freak flag flyers are always welcome).