Letters Feb 11, 2010 at 4:00 am

Metal mouths.


I bet that the "dead bird in a bag" was actually Chicken McNuggets.
-Oliver Pearse (See Ya Sucka)

I'd agree with your observation in many ways, the FOX analogy is a bit much, but I'd have to say Sara is about the closest thing The Merc has to an actual journalist these days. It really has been sad watching this rag descend into "indie-superficiality" (yes, I just made that up). Jesus...have you been paying attention or are you just another recent transplant? Ever hear the name Amy Ruiz?
"I bet that the "dead bird in a bag" was actually Chicken McNuggets."

I seriously doubt it was "chicken mcnuggets" since Norwegian Black Metallers/Satanists HATED McDonalds & most other American/commercial incrochment in their country. Such well-justified hatred was well-documented in the film.
Nope, definitely chicken mcnuggets.
Maybe it was a dead Jewish fetus. What do i know, i wasn't there.
I do kinda have to agree with Mr. Pearse on the Sarah thing. I still read the paper but I usually don't enjoy her articles and often don't bother with them. Comparing her to Fox news is a bit much, because while she may be a lunatic, she simply isn't that relevant. But I don't let that stop me from reading the paper, I simply ignore her.

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