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1. Men and women both naturally produce testosterone, estrogen and progesterone (the sex hormones) at various levels throughout their entire lives.

2. Hormones affect the structure and operation of the brain over the course of our entire lives but have the greatest affect in the womb, throughout infancy and toddler ages and adolescence. The area of the brain related to gender identity, the hypothalamus, is fully developed by age 3 or 4. In 1995 the Netherlands Institute for Brain Research showed the volume of the central subdivision of the bed nucleus of the stria terminals (BSTc), a brain area that is essential for sexual behavior, is larger in men than women and that a female sized BSTc was found in male to female transexuals. Further the size of the BSTc was NOT influenced by sex hormones in adulthood and was very independent of sexual orientation.

3. The roots of transsexualism stem from the brain but are no more psychological than a brain tumor. If you really think you can talk someone out of how their body parts were developed before birth than you're the head case.
Thanks for saying it better than I could have, agayman. You're spot on! Treat the mental disorder, don't encourage it.

If I thought I was Napolean, should I be allowed to have taxpayer-funded surgery to make me look more like him, or therapy to understand who I really am?
Really Reymont? I think you should hang out with more trannies and crazy people who think they are Napoleon. Ask a psychologist, trannies can be crazy but the decision to change your parts isn't crazy by default. If you think you are Napoleon you are crazy by default, and no amount of therapy will change that, you need medication.

Would you have the same argument for a woman wishing to get a boob job? Should she just accept the way she was born? What if a woman was born with no breasts but really wanted to have them because people thought she was a man and was physically threatened or harassed for looking like a guy?

What about conjoined twins? They should seek therapy right? What about a hermaphrodite? Should they just tough it out right?

There are a lot of things my taxes go to pay for that I don't support, fortunately for people who really like driving on paved roads it isn't up to me [I support gravel roads and horses!].

If it were up to every single individual who was paying taxes what that money went to people wouldn't pay for anything because most people argue about stupid shit like this.
But should WE pay for the boob job?
And there is a flip side to this mutalation, don't forget. Tragic at times.
France has already removed transsexualism from their official list of mental disorders. USA is close to doing the same thing. Then what will your uneducated and uninformed opinion be Reymont? Would love to hear how you think we should treat amputees or cancer victims who have had their breasts or testicles removed. Should we just talk them into accepting their outward appearance instead of using prosthesis or implants? Should burn victims turn to anti-psychotic drugs instead of skin grafts? Arguing the use of tax payer dollars is not the same as arguing a course of treatment for a disorder you obviously know nothing about.
@4, you post that article a lot. But it's complete rubbish. I fail to see your point.
First I want to thank the few clearly intelligent non-judgmental commenters here... I must say, especially directed at "agayman" who thinks being trans is a mental disorder: (you do know they said the exact same things about gay folks a VERY short time ago, lest you forget) What authority do you have to claim that physical transition is unnecessary for us? You live with a privilege none of us was born with; your body grew the same way your mind did. You clearly have no idea what it feels like to be a trans person - to know inherently that you have one of two choices in our current world: to pump yourself full of psych pills to make you so numb you don't care about eating, let alone your gender; possibly go through such "simplistic and primitive" procedures as electroshock "therapy", and finally end up killing yourself after the immense damage done to your psyche OR...
you can get appropriate, safe medical help for your physical problem and get the chance to live an authentic existence as yourself, as a healthy, whole person. Guess what I chose?
I am finally truly living as an honest version of myself, and I can tell you this with certainty: the only trans-related "mental issue" most of us end up with (fear of going to public restrooms, shame about our experiences, etc) is a direct result of people like you around every corner with nothing but judgment and disdain for us from the time we are children to the time we expire.
"There is no conclusive evidence that sex change operations improve the lives of transsexuals, with many people remaining severely distressed and even suicidal after the operation, according to a medical review conducted exclusively for Guardian Weekend tomorrow.
The review of more than 100 international medical studies of post-operative transsexuals by the University of Birmingham's aggressive research intelligence facility (Arif) found no robust scientific evidence that gender reassignment surgery is clinically effective. "

Rubbish huh?

MJK, glad to hear it worked out for you. From what I read there are many who regret the surgery. Some to the point of suicide. Upwards of 18%. Wow.
My insurance company decided that my foot surgery was "experimental" - after the surgery, and with a sucess rate of over 90%. They didn't want to cover it.

Main thing though is that we all shouldn't have to pay for Elective Genital Mutilation. You wanna pay for it, fine.

Hmmm.... let's hear from some more folk who had the operations, eh?

A site made by a Transgender.... GenderMender...

yah, and frankieb....the guardian weekend tomorrow is a peer reviewed respected journal yes? No? Mebbe Not?
Holy news! The New York Nonsensuckler just announced that it has exclusive photos of frankieb making out with his mum! Is frankieb, and thus ALL white males motherkissers? Tune in......
seriously, is agayman
a) an accredited psychotherapist?
b) an accredited psychologist?
c) an accredited endocrinologist or other health professional dealing with transgender issues?
d) a transgender man or transgender woman?
No? Fuck you. Y'all come across like a bunch of fuck-wit republicans arguing against climate change and evolution. "Whelp....I shuuure dont believe in siience cus it dont luk rite to me no none der de der" The healthcare of a transgender patient is not up for your fucking popular vote. Its pretty sick that we've been used as pawns in national politics, and even worse that we're continuously used here at home.
On the other hand.....whatever, I got an idea....who wants to electroshock agayman just for fun? C'mon, hands up....I mean, homosexuality? That's fucking UNNATURAL! Lets take a vote......
I was born a hermaphrodite. I am lumped in with the title transgendered. My parents health insurance paid to mutilate me at birth. There is no surgery to put me back the way I was suppose to be, therefore when I discovered that I identified as a male and had been left with testicles. I had the surgery to remove what could cause cancer when left inside and started to take hormones. I do not care to alter myself anymore than that and if I had been given the choice in the beginning of my discovery I may have made the wrong choice and further altered through more surgery. I identify as a gay man because you are what you appear on the outside. The only person or persons who need to see below the belt are those you have sex with. And when you are not normal and (never will be) you have to be more cautious and have higher standards for those you allow in your life. I do believe that psychological therapy is a must and there may be people changing who have no business doing this. I found an attorney in Seattle who is so bitter and it is my belief from dealing with him that he is angry and was happier as a butch lesbian. He had no business changing and now he is stuck in the wrong body. If surgery is funded there should be strict guidelines with extensive psychological therapy over years because would we have to pay for reverse surgery when it was the wrong thing to do. As far as hermaphrodites go the estimation is that those of the John Hopkins study only 20% of the children born between 1960-1980 are still alive. Most have been lost to suicides.
Thanks hermaphrodite, so you know one angry ftm in seattle and that qualifies you to call the therapy requirements for all transgender patients? Y'know, despite the fact that qualified psychologists, psychiatrists and psychotherapists have weighed in on this issue after over 50 years of study? Hey Mercury? Care to call in one damn qualified therapist to weigh in on this issue? You'd be the first fucking media source in this town to do so. I can give you a ton of numbers....psychiatrists, psychologists, PhDs, MDs....whattya want? Why not be a trail blazer and consult an expert or two and keep public opinion off of trans peoples bodies? I was pounding the pavement and doing clinic protection in some of the scariest ass places in the US back in the 80s to keep the grubby christian conservative hands off of women's reproductive rights and now its time for those people to speak up for me and my sisters and brothers. Our bodies are NOT yours to vote on and we don't give a shit about your opinions. You want me to pay for your fucking prostrate, ovarian, or breast cancer? Your precious breeder reproductive "health concerns"?? Then damn straight you're paying for my trans health care.
Sorry. As a trans person I'll put up with being thrown under the liberal bus as an extreme marginal minority in order to entertain the shits and giggles from republicans in the Oregonian and the geriatric Willamette, but not from the Mercury. You guys have more fucking class than that.
I dunno gnelvis, you're making me giggle at least.
well don't say us trannies never gave ya anything then frankie
gnelvis sounds like he is still caught in her lesbian mentality. evolve please. the world is not out to get you.
Isn't "tranny" a derogatory term now?
I think it has turned into one of those things that if you are transexual you can say tranny otherwise it is not allowed
mammals do not naturally change gender. Mammals do naturally engaged in non procreative sex. Transgendered individuals have nothing to do with homosexually behaving individuals and the two should not be confused or even used in the same arguments.

To be even more blunt and unpopular, transgender interest is about acquiring power from a gender stereotype that is not the one a person was born with.

There is nothing progressive about butchering people to fit their mental disorder.

No one is ever born the wrong gender. it is biologically impossible. People can be intellectually convinced that who they are is not who they want to be. That is mental, not physical.

I will say it again. mammals do not change genders naturally. therefore it is unnatural to cut someone up and pretend that it is a normal thing. I do not need to be a psychologist to understand the basic principals of the universe and simple biology.

I do not think anyone should be harmed by a doctor or by anyone else because they are having difficulty trying to understand who they are. I strongly believe that people should not be influenced by stereotypes and just do the things they can do well without worrying if it is something a "boy" would do or a "girl" would do.

And I have known dozens of people who have claimed a gender they were not born with over a period of years starting back in 1985. I do not dislike them as people but I do not agree that they are solving the issue effectively.

Encouraging people to harm themselves to solve a mental issue is a very poor idea. Psychology and Psychiatry have been full of poor ideas that have been followed by people for decades before people thought maybe there was a better way to address an issue or that the issue was not what people thought it was in the first place.

So using current psychoanalysis is just as questionable as claiming that the failures of psychoanalysis should shut me up because homosexual behavior used to be considered a mental disorder.
There are things that AGAYMAN is saying that I do agree with but I don't think I belong in this argument. My perspective is different because my issues are different and therapy helped me deal with why my parents made a decision on gender for selfish reasons not who I perceived myself as. because that I always knew. I did not have to for example to learn how to walk as a guy it was natural. I originally thought I would help a few ftms in their transformation but realized that if it is a difficult decision than it is not the right thing to do. it was my opion that they were either enjoying the drama of the perspective change and the attention they were getting or they could just be crazy. I decided that I did not want to waste my time. It was a comfort to me when changing that most ftms just change and disappear. I believe if you are truely living in the correct gender after changing you do not want to be seen as anything other than the new gender. You would be offended by the stereotype of trans.
This argument's totally done. Agayman *believes* things....ergo they must be true. We'll go ahead and disregard all the advancements in psychology in the past 80 years because, who, hang on, agayman *believes* something. Holy shit! Agayman just *believed* my mtf soft-butch lesbian tendancies all away! Hallalleyah! I'm a straight boy again!
WTF? There's no other mammals who have perfected transgender surgery? That's the best argument you've got? Really? Other readers of the mercury are buying this total horse shit? Got to be kidding me.
Oh, and agayman...they used to treat schizophrenia with lithium and they used to consider homosexuality a mental disorder, ergo lithium is bad, right???? Yah? That's yer fucking logic right? Yer the brilliant break through sociologist of the 21st century! Yow! Look out! Who's hot??
You have zero rights to be telling trans people what to do with their bodies agayman. You have no cred in this issue. You are the equivalent of an ex-gay ministry and mebbe, just mebbe, you should do a ton more research into what you're claiming to be an expert of before you go pretending to know a damn thing about what you're talking about.

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