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Will someone give a working definition of what a yuppie IS?? People with money who are intolerant of other people distinctly different and less affluent than themselves and who use their money to take over the areas that have meaning to those they essentially evict? To me this is a yuppie, not just rich people who move here to be a part of portland and contribute to it. Portland is very cool because of people like MH and anyone else who's love of doing their thing does not involve disrespecting others who love doing their thing in their neighborhood.

@ Chloe - Right there with you for the most part. I have no idea how this town gets to feeling like they've done so much for the homeless when it is the one town in the northwest where people sleep on a dirty pissed on sidewalk.

@Dr. Meow; again, rich people moving to Portland for it's laid back culture would be great if they weren't so bent on changing everthing within ten square blocks of it.

@Craig Michaels - so you spent 68 years running as people shoved you out of towns -one or more of which I assume you cared about- and now you hide in the countryside because you have no hope there is anything to stop people with money? well p-town and america for that matter don't need you. Power IS actually in the people- the trick is getting them together to use it. And after 68 years you have absolutely no advice on how we might even begin to possibly accomplish this? Have fun in retirement.
MH doesn't deserve all that vitriol! He's calling it like it is. Culture out. Yuppies In.

And for that, he gets told to 'love it or leave it' by some old hippie, a homeless guy, and a hipster-hater. This shit is just the time-honored, American tradition of kicking a poor person while he's down.

Look folks, here's the deal with gentrification: While one person gets to choose a nice, new home, someone else forcibly loses theirs. It's okay to wonder why you are losing your home. (And, yes, a rental is a HOME to someone. Don't even start with this supply/demand crap, you heartless bastards!)

You don't have to care about the people you're displacing (this is the land of the free [market] after all), but how in the world can you deny that Portland's culture is what made housing prices go up in the first place? No, MH didn't do it single-handedly, but I bet he's more interesting than any of you transplants who continue to not get the point.

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