Letters Jun 17, 2015 at 4:20 pm


Actually "Portlandia" IS causing people to move to Portland, and perhaps counter intuitively the bulk of these people are the cookie cutter hipster assholes the show makes fun of. They'd do well to go to Seattle instead.
The irony of Portlandia is that their first joke was that Portland was where young people go to retire, where the dream of the 90's was still alive. Neither is true now, and Portlandia probably contributed to that.

I think Portlanders should start a new narrative: CLEVELANDIA! Cleveland, a city with plenty of nice, old affordable houses and potentially cool neighborhoods just waiting for hipster rebirth and inevitable gentrification. Unlike Portland, it's ethnically diverse, so new white residents can't complain about how white it is. It even has a rocking theme song your indie band can play, just not as well as Ian Hunter! Best of all, it's less scary than Detroit.

Please donate to my kickstarter campaign to get Fred and Carrie to relocate to Cleveland. The dream of recession-era Portland is alive in Cleveland.

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