Letters Nov 4, 2015 at 4:20 pm


Enjoy the movie, dickhead.
Agreed NAWD, it isn't that hard to buy a house if you are willing to rent out rooms and work on it yourself. I bought my first house before I could buy beer and I was making about 8k a year while putting myself through school. I spent my spare time fixing it up, traded it for another house rinsed and repeated a couple more times and now 15 years in I own most of a pretty nice house and look forward to having it paid off.
I'm glad that NAWD got the 'letter of the week' award. :)
Hey NAWD, you wouldn't happen to be a white male, would you? You probably didn't notice, but that triple you hit...yeah, you started on third base. More bootstrap bullshit.
I'm an "old fool" in my 70s and NAWD's recent letter to you is the BEST letter to any publication I have ever read, and I agree with the content wholeheartedly . Seeing the "big picture " and try to save all one can is the best way to come out ahead. I did the same thing that Nawd did, but I bought 2 small houses. I ended up way ahead! Good for Nawd and "good for me"!
Just so we're all on the same page, "Ann Romano" is the pen name of the several people who write/contribute to the One Day At A Time column. Its a tongue-in-cheek charade. One of the bigger clues that its written by more than one person is the contradictive opinions that pop up from time to time, etc. Another clue is 'Ann' has no Twitter profile when no real gossip columnist in 2015 is without one.
NAWD, good for you. Anyone who has an argument with what was stated by said person is a complete waste of air. Hard work and living within ones means does pay off. Don't expect society to take care of what you should be taking care of yourself. Stop whining and start self-reflection if you disagree.

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