The Oregonian has torn down that bramble-filled "thicket of lies" and in its place erected a thicket of.... contradictions!

Thicket of Contradictions: Same Sad Sam, Fresh New Headline.

Calls are out to the O and the mayor's office to see what gives with the less-punchy new headline. In the meantime, thanks to AmBrown for the heads up.

UPDATE! 5:45PM - Oregonian managing editor Therese Bottomly explains that the O ran two different headlines on the print version and the online version. "I can't find anyone who remembers exactly what the copy desk posted online late last night, but yes online headlines and print headlines are often different -- sometimes for search engine optimization purposes and sometimes because online allows more space," writes Bottomly via email.

But, hey, there's a big difference between running the word "lies" above Adams face and the word "contradictions" — one that should not be overlooked for the sake of space constraints. Slapping the word "lies" above Adam's sorry-eyed visage immediately lumps him into the category of Nixon, etc... unless the Portlander who glances at the headline takes the time to read the article and realizes some of the lie-thicket is Beau's. "Contradictions" doesn't pack nearly the same rhetorical firepower and, frankly, probably wouldn't sell as many papers.