Great story! You'll dig this out and read it again someday, after making millions in real estate or whatever. "I was so angsty!" you'll tell your future staff.
I can't believe you haven't figured this out yet, Matt: Criticize the Mayor. Then he will offer you a better job to keep you quiet. It's a proven strategy for Merc "journalists."
Is delousing a profession in the UK? Like, people do this as a full time job?
Delousing is a profession everywhere, Kyle. Not just the UK. Read all about it in my upcoming informational pamphlet, "Delousing, and YOU." Call 1-800-DELOUSINGANDME to reserve your free copy now. That's 1-800-DELOUSINGANDME. Call now, and we'll send you two pamphlets, absolutely free of charge.
I would know nothing of this, Matt. I come from a proud American family where will killed out own lice. My mom would cover my head in hard alcohol, and then hit it with a boot. That's how we do it in this country.
The Oregonian! HAHAHAHA!!! Whew! They had someone from The OREGONIAN THERE!!!
Are you particularly tall? I'd go with chimney-sweep and vamp it up with a turtleneck and top hat.

The coming migration from print journalism to pressure organizations, academia and the sordid arts is only sad when you consider the second mortgages of these misguided kids receiving these insipid messages. Otherwise, bandwidth is a steamroller.
Sadly, I think the Decemberists have a trademark on all obscure Victorian trades these days. Fucking monopoly is what it is.

Josh Feit is the only one with a business model that works. We're heading into a patrician style of funding. Get someone rich that cares to pay for your copy and push their agenda. What's Paul Allen up to these days? Doesn't he want to own a newspaper or sumtin?

Great comments on that Oregonian guy. The way you portrayed him he sounds like everything I despise about that paper. Well, not everything I despise about it. But some of the things I despise about it. I like other things about the Oregonian too. Its not all terrible. But it does insult me quite a bit. End rant.
Hey, thanks for all the love Matt. I only wish you could have stayed for the entire session, but I know you are a busy guy. Perhaps that's why you didn't take time to link to my site at . I am off to judge that contest now.
@JFC: Of course, one of the big issues that she criticized him on (the CRC,) he has since changed his mind on. Which means she was actually very qualified for the job. But hey, why let facts get in the way of a comment?
That makes no sense, Matthew D.
Jack Hart hasn't worked at the Oregonian in years.
@JFC: Oops. I'm sorry. I was trying to have a battle of wits with an unarmed person. I won't do it again.
"There's nothing in the Voodoo Doughnuts story that tells people why this matters or why this important to humanity," said Hart. "But it recognizes something about the human experience."

I'd wager there's also nothing in the Voodoo Doughnuts story that hasn't been written a million times before. They're doughnuts! They're crazy! They're PORTLAND!

Never mind. I'm off to "Google Pulitzer Prize" so I can read it.
I'm a UO J student and I was at the conference, but missed the opening. So, what is "the writing on the wall" regarding what Limor was saying? That the future of journalism is bleak, or just that the industry is changing and it's going to be tough for people who don't have electronic media skills to make a living? From what you've written it sounds like she's saying that news outlets now employ fewer people with a wider range of skills, which is exactly what the J school is telling us, and why the program has now combined different areas of the program into a broader "super J" major. From everything I've read it sounds like media experts aren't really in agreement about the future of news.
This was one of the few blog pieces more than a paragraph long that I have ever finished. Compelling, informative, funny--you're that good. Sorry the business isn't...
I must say that this is a brilliant piece. I giggled through some of it, and cringed as well, when you point to the doom of this important industry. You have a way of bringing yourself in to the story that few other journalists have.
Ironically, when you google "Pulizter Prize Matt Davis" you actually get a few hits! 25,100 or so.…
the Tracktown Pizza photo is f-ing great.
Here's what I learned from reading this article:

1) Matt Davis loves to wonder about real journalists and their careers.

2) Matt Davis will gladly miss the entire point of something if it allows him to write something pithy about another local writer or publication.

3) Matt Davis doesn't give a shit about writing, or learning about the craft of writing from those who have made it a life-long career. Also, see #2. (Hint: The O isn't failing because of sub-par writing)

4) Matt Davis has a camera. Not sure why, but he does have one you can't deny that fact.

5) Matt Davis enjoys being a journalist like William Hung enjoys being a performer.
Some corrections to the post above:

- I left the Portland Tribune in March 2008, 14 months before the Crossing The Line series printed in the Lake Oswego Review. The two events are not related.

- I opted out of newspapers to pursue a freelance opportunity. I am not (nor have I ever been) unemployed, as the post implies.

- The correct spelling of my name is Lee van der Voo.

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