Fuck, that is terrible advice. Or is the joke/point going over my head?
I think it's good advice. Doesn't sound like a joke at all to me.
If you are a minority, or have mental health issues, or are poor, yes, this is good advice. If you can afford private security guards, the feel free to call the police to supplement them.

It is a lot like most 3rd world countries, the "services" are actually only available to the rich, the rest of the people have to fend for themselves.
Matthew, I think what you mean is that the article advocates the Third World model. Emergency services are, in fact, available to anyone.

Of course, I'm also the last person that'll advise going to a gov't agency for help, so I'm torn on this one.
not only should minorities of color be reluctant to call the PPB, but also people who have medical issues like diabetes (remember the PPB nutjob that tazered a woman in diabetic coma?) or hypoglycemia or any number of conditions that people of low-IQ are apt to mistake for your being "drunk", "belligerent" , "uncooperative", "threateningly agressive "seeking suicide by cop" or any number of their groupthink current fantasies rolling around in their heads.

Due to the current conditions, it makes perfect sense to NOT call the PPB and deal with whatever on your own, as you are more likely to survive it and only it you survive do you really have chance of successfully confronting the whatever....
Excellent advice, and a huge [EDITED: UNNECESSARILY ABUSIVE LANGUAGE] to the PPB, as well. Perhaps once they understand that they're no longer being called to taze and shoot people in the back so often anymore, they'll figure it out, get all butt-hurt about it, and stop acting like sociopaths.
Meh. Cops have never bothered me. Guess we shouldn't have enslaved that race, which reduced their socioeconomic position, causing them to be bitter, causing policemen to react the way they do. Oh well. Maybe next civilization it'll work out better.

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