Score one for those fed up with the national media fawning over Stumptown. Dan Rather's report on Portland as a hub for child prostitution repeatedly contrasts Portland's status as a "model city" with reputation. Hey, you remember Rachael Marcus's story "Confessions of A Teenage Prostitute?" Well...Dan Rather just picked it up for the Huffington Post:

To pick just one example among many, Portland, Oregon is without doubt one of the nation's treasures. It has been voted one of the best places to live and work. But according to police, the city and its outlying communities has become a hub for the sexual exploitation of children. In a recent nationwide sting by Federal, state and local law enforcement agencies, Portland ranked second in the country for the number of rescued child prostitutes. And according to Doug Justus, the workhorse sergeant in charge of Portland's tiny Vice Detail, many of the children caught up in this are middle class kids from the area.
Specifically, however, I'd like to thank Portlander, Caucasian cheerleader and believer in the "new media Judenreich," Julian Lee for his comment on Dan Rather's story, which clearly shows the real cause of this problem.
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This can be no surprise since the trend in Portland is towards extreme liberalization. The "hip metro" magazine here, The Portland Mercury, is pornographic and encourages every kind of sexual license. (Publisher: Tim Keck of Seattle. Editor: Steven Humphrey.) The Portland Mercury even hosts "The Portland Amateur Film Festival," inviting all youth to prostitute themselves by making porn movies and offering the videos to the Mercury's event. It's called "Hump." The writer Dan Savage is a big player in both the Keck empire and for his "porn festival." (Search YT for "Portland Mercury Porn Protest") The Mercury flirts with cannibalism on it's present cover. The issue has the headline "Testicle...It's What's For Dinner" and features to female figures (with cat heads but human clothes) assaulting a male and kicking his testicles. Inside, the article's about eating Yak testicles, which is sort of sick. But the art cover is sicker, suggesting human testicles. Their issues updating us on "teen sex" are repulsively pornographic. This highly sexed newspaper, where "anything goes," is targeted at the younger generation, who make up a huge demographic here. The Portland Mercury's purpose and commercial strategy appears to be: Break cultural taboos, cross every line. In this atmosphere of moral decline fomented by Keck and Humphrey (their "amateur porn festival is cutely named after Humphrey) child prostitution is inevitable along with other things repugnant to Western civilization. You can't break every moral rule and expect rules about children to somehow remain unbroken.

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